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Adore 2013 (English) Download Full Movie

Adore 2013 torrent
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Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
Director: Anne Fontaine
Starring: Naomi Watts, Robin Wright, Xavier Samuel

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Review: Director Anne Fontaine has done a very good job of direction of the four main characters of the movie Adore. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as as Lil Roz is beautiful, gorgeous, great friends since childhood, and appreciate the opinions and advice of others. Each has a son and son Ian lils (Xavier Samuel Twilight?) And Rozs son Tom (James Frecheville) grow as well friends, swimming and surfing in the beautiful waters. The four, Roz and Lil at the beach, sunbathing, laying in the sand, and surf the waters of Ian and Tom do a great quartet. Ian and Roz lesbians are wrong because they show no interest in other men. Well, Roz's husband Ian, however, is a strong passionate feelings Roz. She is in love with Roz. Initially, Lil finds it incredible that his best friend, Ian, who knows if a child is sexually involved with your child. He comes to return the piston Toms sexual advances. Roz Ian true feelings and Tom have sexual feelings for Lil. Finally, the friends decide to end the relacióny let the young free of the gods. Ian did not want to be away from Roz that Tom was involved in another young actress when she was just a month away from Sydney. Robin Wright is terrific, as Roz and Lil Naomi Watts is great. Both actresses presented as true friends, no envy, no anger, no decisions. very nice. Good editing. I liked Robin Wright Roz. An Oscar nomination? may have.

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