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Wreck-It Ralph 2012 [DVDRip.AVC] [English]

Wreck-It Ralph 2012 torrent
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Year: 2012
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Rich Moore
Starring: John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch

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Review: You should see the selection ahead of Wreck it Ralph today. Had to wait for at least One year for movies, and has not disappointed. I hardcore Disney Fanboy and it was before I even played the video game My first. But I have to be honest, sometimes it's not Disney. They find something trend and cash and jump head first, even even if they do not understand Theyre tackle the topic it makes you wonder if they can really do justice to the movie about something the I was not able to video games are not a strong suit Disney (except in cases rare cases the Kingdom Hearts, which was only successful because They have little to nothing to do with the production.) I really believe enough in the market price / film / buy it for their children Because the characters in the game to know what disney box set about.But Wreck it Ralph nailed it. start to finish this The love letter to the game, making people who understand the game (I strongly suspect John Lasseters role as executive producer include and most of its excellent). It reminded me why I love the game. No technology or marketing hype or his. Of what they make us feel. Wide range of emotions, they come from us as we delve into the world of them. Joy of victory, pain, pain of loss, and even tears. I feel that all those in this movie. The world has become a place ugly, and personally, my faith is what I get through. But when you have a game or movie that will take you to a fantasy world where anything is possible things start to look bright little. These piles of documents you face look smaller. News lurid get a little farther. What is art and beauty do. They heal, help us see things in a better light. I thank God for them.I do not expect the movie to me waxing philosophical, but I kind of hairpins am.Side Note: I am a little disappointed that they lingered so long in environment, and I Honestly, finding humor crude tiresome. 3D I think is excellent, providing immersive depth and structures without ever seem gimicky (and no 3D Die hard fan). Also, be sure to get there in time for a short beginning, man paper . Reminds me of the classic Disney animated short films, and that is not bad few weeks before thing.A week I made park California Adventure and overheard two men talking about His father on the Wreck, it Ralph. eyes wide enthusiasm of youth, he Father said to him, it is about video games .... Who does not love What? As the saying goes, kid, says.

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